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Dive Into the New Age of Carbon Offsetting

Our Service Portfolio

Automated Emission Calculation

Ensuring your business, and your customers, are compliant with accurate footprint calculation.   Calculate your carbon emissions to the ISO 14064 and PAS 2060 Emissions Standards expressed as Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e). Customers can quickly calculate Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and receive certified offsetting options.  

Certified High Quality Carbon Projects

Verified, and independently rated, carbon projects aligned with your corporate ethos.  All of our carbon offsetting projects undergo due-diligence to the highest standards.  We only invest in or support projects verified by the five leading Carbon Certification bodies that have then been audited by the world's leading assessment agency in order to ratify and score every investment including baseline carbon removal claims, project permanence, additionality and social impact. 

Transparent Ledger & API Integration

Seamless integration with your online interfaces and fully transparent transactional history.  We enable your customers to calculate their emissions quickly and offset carbon footprint as well as integrate with transactional platforms where applicable.  Every transaction is stored in our cloud based environment with real time access providing clients with complete transparency and integrity.

Enhanced Customer Experience & Insights

Instant access to carbon offsetting data with online certification, QR code access, and enhanced user features.  Providing large volumes of customers across multiple countries with instantaneous access to carbon credit certificates and transactions as well as minted NFTs if required.  Key insights into customers attitudes towards your business and its carbon management & offsetting policies.

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Integrate Our Ecosystem With Yours

Application & solutions development can be tailored to different industry sectors, customer clusters and product types.  Our experienced team of developers and partners will work with you to deliver a seamless integration with your existing platforms.

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