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Business applications for carbon conscious customers

Our Market Sectors

Working with clients to engage "new" customers

We work across a diverse range of industry sectors assisting business owners and large corporate clients to engage their customers and derive commercial benefit by helping them reduce their carbon footprint. 


From energy suppliers servicing business users to booking platforms engaging with property owners we can assist in building platforms which enable customers differentiate their businesses whilst benefitting the environment. 

Why Are Businesses using Carbon Credits?

Studies from the UK and USA have found that approximately 66% of all consumers are willing to pay more, or choose a sustainable product or service,  over one that is not.


This figure is even higher for millennials.

Despite this, less than half of businesses have made any plans to  to go carbon neutral by 2050.  Carbon offset programs, if deployed correctly, can make a huge contribution to both the planet and a corporations net zero ambitions.

Short term home-stay operators

Providing the home owners with the ability quickly and efficiently calculate, offset, and promote their carbon neutral properties to potential customers using QR codes, NFT's or certificates.

Fuel Card Operators

Assist with the transition from diesel / petrol to EV whilst allowing customers to offset fleet emissions instantly at the pump or at a charge point.

Delivery, Logistics & Courier Providers

Enabling micro transactions to be offset and included as part of a core product or service proposition using detailed emissions calculations. 

B2B Energy Suppliers

Enabling energy suppliers to automatically calculate, offset, and provide customers with 100% carbon neutral supply contracts instead brown or "partially green" alternatives.

Commercial Property Groups

Enabling aggregators and property owners to promote and manage portfolio's of carbon friendly properties to potential tenants.

Facilities Management Groups

Partner based programs including carbon offsetting as part of broader emission reduction initiatives across diverse property portfolio's.

Beyond Offsetting....

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Social Media Communication

Whilst the percentage of consumers wanting to buy purpose driven brands that advocate sustainability is high, not all of them actually do.  We narrow the "intention-action" gap with clear and regular communication reinforcing the positive impact their actions have made.  
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